We use the Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Maturity Model (P3M3) framework to assess an organisation's current capability, future aspirations, as well as develop and implement effective roadmaps for improvement.


Maturity Model

The maturity levels support organisations through a transition from an immature state to a mature and capable organisation. This maturity provides an objective basis for judging quality and solving project or programme performance issues.



The P3M3 Assessments are delivered in conjunction with our partner Wellingtone who offer the most intuitive and transparent project and portfolio performance assessment. PPM and PMO Maturity Assessment combines our experience as an Axelos P3M3 Consulting Partner with our in-depth data analysis and expertise.

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Our Assessment Process

Review - We review a selected suite of projects to analyse how they compare to defined PPM methodology, guidance, and templates.

Ask - Interviews with PMO personnel, Project Managers, Programme Managers, and other key stakeholders to understand each perspective.

Analyse - Our consultants present a draft PPM/PMO Assessment Report and recommendations are discussed with Senior Leaders.

Affirm - Our consultants feed input from Senior Leaders into the report before finalising and preparing for next steps.

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